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How to Apply LipSense

1.  Must be applied to clean, dry lips.

2.  There is cosmetic grade alcohol in LipSense, therefore you MUST shake it before you apply.

3.  Because of the alcohol, it will tingle until you apply the gloss.  As your lips become more conditioned, this goes away completely.

4.  With lips parted, place applicator on the lip, starting in the corner, and sweep in one direction without lifting the applicator.

5.  Let each layer dry for 15-20 seconds before applying the next layer.  YOU MUST APPLY 3 LAYERS.

6.  Do no rub your lips until after gloss is applied.  Your lips will feel very tacky, so do not let them touch until the gloss is applied.

7.  Gloss throughout the day, especially before and after eating.

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